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Schwerdtfeger Transport | Express Logistics & Courier Service

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Since 1994, Schwerdtfeger has become a first choice for time-critical transport solutions. Our passion is to deliver urgent goods as soon as possible to its destination. For this reason we have established Expressgut, our own brand which stands for our courier service.
But not only in the field of express logistics we are your reliable partner – our service portfolio includes much more!
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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Hornbergstraße 45
70794 Filderstadt-Bonlanden

Telefon: 0711 / 707074.0
Telefax: 0711 / 707074.74

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Hans Böckler Straße 21
72770 Reutlingen

Telefon: 0711 / 707074.55
Telefax: 0711 / 707074.15

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Bürgermeister-Wegele-Straße 12
86167 Augsburg

Telefon: 0821 / 5674732.0
Telefax: 0821 / 5674732.9

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Owiedenfeldstr. 6a
30559 Hannover

Telefon: 0511 / 489781.0
Telefax: 0511 / 489781.11

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Industriestraße 22
04435 Schkeuditz

Telefon: 034204 / 35618.1
Telefax: 034204 / 35618.2

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Steinhof 39
40699 Erkrath

Telefon: 0211 / 2204830.0
Telefax: 0211 / 2204830.1

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