Schwerdtfeger Transport | Express Logistics & Courier Service

About Us

Always in motion

On behalf of our clients we deliver time sensitive goods safely and punctually. Therefore we obligate ourselves to continuously stay in motion. Our ambition is to improve day by day and to offer optimal services at any time.

Employee motivation and identification with our company are two key factors that empower us to achieve exactly this. Sincerity, mutual respect and cooperation characterize our firm culture and we are proud of the productive working atmosphere that has developed over the last years and which has lead to a strong connection between our employees and the courier service itself.

A group has emerged

Since its foundation in 1994 the Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH has transformed into a group of companies thanks to reasonable decision making and healthy growth. Located in the most crucial economic regions of Germany we are able to support our customers with professional delivery services in the most comprehensive way.

In addition to our highly qualified workforce we dispose of a network of partner organizations which is capable of handling more than 85.000 special deliveries a year. Consequently, we permanently ensure sufficient transport capacities and provide individual solutions as courier service for your urgent deliveries.

Since 2017, the Schwerdtfeger Group is part of Redspher, a digital platform created by Flash Group, which simplifies on-demand transport.