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In the course of the foundation of Schwerdtfeger Transport Hannover GmbH we expand across the borders of southern Germany for the first time. Situated in the heart of Lower Saxony, Hannover represents the leading economic location within the region. Also, the city belongs to the most attractive locations for logistics companies nationwide, thanks to its geographical position, excellent infrastructure and perfect connection to commercial areas.

As the central logistical hub of northern Germany, Hannover links the Ruhr area with the metropolitan area of Berlin on the west-east axis. Beyond that, the capital of Lower Saxony serves as a connective link on the north-south axis between the Hamburg area and southern Germany. In addition, the city on the river Leine is home of the international trade fair Hannover where for example the CeBit is taking place year by year.

As a specialist for time-sensitive transports as well as part and full truck loads, we have recognized the potential in and around Hannover and are offering our service portfolio to our customers there.

Special and direct deliveries, part and full truck loads, fashion logistics, on-board-courier / air charter, temperature-controlled transportation, project logistics and closed vehicle transports.

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Hornbergstraße 45
70794 Filderstadt-Bonlanden
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Schwerdtfeger Transport  GmbH
Bürgermeister-Wegele-Straße 12
D-86167 Augsburg
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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Owiedenfeldstr. 6a
D-30559 Hannover
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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Industriestraße 22
04435 Schkeuditz
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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Steinhof 39
40699 Erkrath

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Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH
Hans Böckler Straße 21
D-70770 Reutlingen

Telefon: 0711 / 707074.55
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Schwerdtfeger Transport Hannover GmbH

Rothwiese 2

D-30559 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 / 489781.0
Fax: +49 511 / 489781.11

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