Individual Shipping Concepts and Trade Fair Logistics

Project Logistics

Just in time – for a limited period? No problem! We handle project-related shipments and logistics tasks Europe-wide and support you efficiently during the whole process. Our team accompanies you from the start and takes care of every step perfectly integrating into your concept.

Every task is different

The challenges are always different, but the goal is always the same: shipments of unscheduled goods on time! Large-scale construction projects, firm relocations, heavy-duty transports, power or industrial plants transports: relying on Schwerdtfeger entails expertise and experience. By means of individualized service solutions we deliver your goods to their destination in the most focused and efficient way possible.

Large, heavy and urgent

Usually those are the attributes of the goods being handled in the course of our project logistics services. In contrast to others, we dispose of the appropriate personnel, truck fleet and experience required for this kind of transports.

We provide a one-stop solution containing route planning, coordination of transport carriers, suitable packaging, (if necessary) customs clearance  and transport insurance. We take care of the entire transportation process, both for national and pan-European project issues. Of course in exactly the quality you are used to.