Temperature-Controlled Shipments

On the Road always in the Right Temperature Zone

Hot or cold? No problem! We transport your sensitive goods in temperature zones from -20°C to +20°C. With us, you can either choose winter or spring for your temperature-controlled shipments. We make sure that the cold chain remains steady at its defined temperature – no matter where the destination is.


It’s worth to pay attention to the equipment of the vehicles when it comes to temperature-sensitive goods. Those who don’t want to take the risk, opt for Schwerdtfeger. We carry high-performance cooling units on board, which guarantee an absolute consistency without cooling deviations during your cooling transport – also on tropical summer days.


Of course we’re also well informed in the divison of heated goods and are able to offer the most modern temperature-controlled vehicles, with which you can play safe when it comes to temperature-controlled transports of sensitive goods. By the way: Of course we are handing over our temperature-controlled goods directly to the recipients.