Air Freight

For you above the clouds

Next Flight Out

We will pick up your shipment, take it to the airport and load it on the next liner flight to the destination. Upon arrival, the goods are immediately delivered to the recipient.

Air Charter

Regardless of all flight schedules, we will organize a jet, a propeller plane or a helicopter for you if necessary. We will set everything in motion for you!

On-Board Courier

Our on-board courier will personally pick up your shipment and accompany it during the entire transport route. We never lose sight of your shipment.

“Departure LH 674 at 14:25!” No problem! Our courier collects your good personally and accompanies it during the whole transport route. Maximum safety is what we ensure for every time-critical shipment. This means unrestricted integrity as well as an absolutely safe delivery to the right recipient.

One stop-shop

Important contracts, urgent spare parts, medical emergencies: It is always about reliability and velocity. Our on-board courier service is characterized by the employment of our trained personnel, who always has an eye on your shipment. We dispose of the international experience which you can rely on.

In case of emergency with the Antonov

Our air charter team is prepared for every sort of air freight. Whether your shipment is calculated in kilos or tons: We deliver the shipment where you need it at. Your charter is organized by specialists who use our Europe-wide network efficiently. This way we can ensure rapid connections through the sky, as well as quick pre- and post-transportation ways by car. If you wish for optimal transport chains beyond flight schedules, Schwerdtfeger is your ideal partner.